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battle of the bands!!

wow! batte of the bands was AWWWWWSOME!! ok well there was like 2 shows cause it was an advisment party. so yeah, before the 2 shows we had a prayer led by mike thanking god what he has given us and it went somthing like " i would like to take this time and thank god for what he has given us, he gave us peanut butter, breasts..." then ali interupted and said " penis!" and then mike laughed a little and said "and penis and finally MUSIC! NOW LETS GO ROCK!" then that followed by everyone saying AMEN! and then we all screamed and cheered. then wd4d (gages band) went first, and they rocked with there original song then we went next and i kinda messed up on the first show cause like i was using this digital thing that changes the sound of the guitar ( cant think of the name right now) and it had like 17 settings on it and i was sopposed to switch from setting 10 and 11 and i pushed my foot to hard on the petel and it skipped all the way to 17! so it took me awhile to fix it but thats ok cause on the second show i played the song perfectly!! anyway raise the flag went next and they totally rocked !!!!! and then i think "passing time" i think that what there band was called wnet next any way they played back in black. then it was the fire works and they played a blink-182 song. well after the second show we found out who won and RAISE THE FLAG WON!!! YAY! i knew they were gonna win. and then the fireworks came in second place and everyone else got partcipation! yay! ok i will probably remember somthin random later about battle of the bands so yeah, dont be freaked about my randomness.
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!!! <3
peanut butter, breasts, penis and music.
lovely combo.

although it is a bit late,
you guys all did wonderfully at battle of the bands.
thanx, lol

but, you guys did better! too bad raise the flag died.